Friday, November 18, 2011


Well after telling someone about my blog this morning, I decided it was time to come back and do an update. I didn't realize I haven't posted since my BIRTHDAY! Wow. Where to even begin. So much has happened over the last 5 months. I'll do a quick list to catch you up on what has happened over the summer and fall.

* We went on a cruise in August with Charis and Bert (my sis and bro-in-law) and had an absolute BLAST! One of the best vacations I have had. We started in Miami and then went to Grand Cayman Island, Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel. I'll post with pictures and a lot more about the trip later.

* Bo started his last semester in Grad School! Hallelujah praise the Lord he is almost done! Next semester will be a tough one as his last class in Dallas doesn't get done until around 10 pm... I hate when he has to drive home that late.

* Upon preparing for our cruise, Bo and I started running in April. I have so far ran a 5K in 25 minutes, a 10K in 56 minutes and am preparing for a half marathon in 2 weeks. What started out as an easy way to lose weight has become a life changing experience. I feel so close to God when I am out on the road alone in my thoughts...but that's another post all together :)

* I finished a 6 week bible study that encouraged and filled me with His Spirit even more. It was called Deeper Still and it was wonderful!

* New and wonderful friends have come into our life over the past few months. And, I have formed deeper relationships with some amazing ladies at church.

* God has restored and rebuilt relationships in my life that had fallen a part, and He has helped heal my bitterness.

So much more has happened in our day to day life, but for now that is a good place to stop. I'll keep updating on some of the things I mentioned!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a journey through life

I wanted to take just a moment to reflect on the past 26 years...yup that's right. I am now 26 years old. I am no longer in my early or even mid-twenties! I am officially in my late 20's and on the downhill slide to 30. I still don't know how I feel about this yet. In your early twenties you can get away with stupid things, because let's face are still young and not as smart as you think you are. By 25 you SHOULD know better, but still people don't expect much. By 26 you are in your late twenties and are now expected to "know better" You are a grown-up. I don't feel "grown-up"! I am now going to take a look back over my life and pick out my favorite moments in the past 26 years to see if it equals "Grown-Up"!

I was born (pretty great moment) on June 7, 1985 on the HOTTEST day on record for June7,  in Chandler, Arizona. It was a steaming 117 degrees that wonderful day. My mother and dad couldn't decide on a name for sweet me, so my Aunt Jerry Ann chose my name! Pretty special :)

We are jumping ahead now to roughly 5 years old. Lot's happened this year, but the one that sticks out most is being in Sunday School and playing with the kitchen set in the classroom. I yanked open the little refrigerator door and bam, next thing I remember is that I was in a Dr. office getting stitches in the top of my head. A GIANT seashell was on top of that sweet little play refrigerator and it fell and cracked my head open. Skip forward a few weeks...we are now MOVED across the country to Pennsylvania and my mommy is cutting stitches out of the top of my head. I think.

Moving forward nearly a year...I now have a brother...enough said.

Very shortly after Coleman is born we moved to Texas. Arlington to be exact. In the time we lived in Arlington, I pushed my middle sister off my bike and broke her front tooth, she still holds a grudge, I have one of the first surprise parties I can remember, and I remember loving my teacher! I don't remember her name but I remember really liking her!

Ok jumping ahead a few more years...I am 12. We live in Waco and I am visiting Victoria's life church for a special production. I accepted Jesus that night. I am not sure I fully understood that, but I knew I was safe with Him in my life! During this same year, I got another law that is, I became an aunt for the first time AND we moved back to Arizona.

Moving up to the teens...I was a boring child...accept that I had a smart mouth and used it often. My mother spanked me when I was 16..I am serious. I think she laughed too. I know I did as well as my sisters. I was already taller than my mom by this point, so this was a very funny moment! My parents used to ask me to leave the house. I am a homebody and would rather hang out at home with my mom then go out and do something stupid. I did get a job when I was 16 so that helped some. I have worked ever since then.

High School graduation...nearly 500 in my graduating class. My last name was Adams...I was 2nd to last to think someone made a mistake??? Yea...they did. There was a big goof!

Now I am 20. My parents got divorced this year...Not a bad thing really. It has worked out OK. My mom moved back to Texas...and guess who followed her...that's right. ME! I did rekindle a lost friendship this year. My sweet friend Taryn from high school! We started talking and emailing a lot when I moved back to Texas Early twenties were filled with memories and laughter and some heart break. But, it made me stronger. And, I am thankful for all the good times!

22. 2007. Taryn, my friend from above, lost her battle with a very aggressive ovarian cancer. She was 23. Just a couple months older than me. Taryn doesn't know this, but she changed my life at her funeral. She had a strong faith. She loved deeply and told people how important they were. She was confident she would be with the Lord and she even told her mom that before she passed. Her funeral wasn't a sad event for most. I realized that day that what was missing in my life was a deep unconditional love. Not an earthly. A heavenly love. I realized that day what it meant to live for Jesus. I came home from her funeral a changed person. I went to church the VERY next day. I prayed hard to God for the years lost between He and I. I vowed to rededicate my life and make a difference in someone's life the way Taryn did in mine. She may have lost her life, but she gave me mine back. I have grieved over the loss of my friend, but I rejoice today with the absolute with out a doubt fact that I will see her again someday.

Also, when I was 22 I met a guy named Bo Faulkner at church. I didn't care for him very much. In fact we agreed we probably couldn't really even be friends. Lots of complications at that time. God has a real sense of humor though! During a hard time in my life, the only person that came to my mind to talk to was...Bo. The very person who I really couldn't stand. But, I called him up and we met for coffee at Starbucks. he helped me get through that time with lots of laughter and goofy smiles. We talked a lot and started hanging out. We realized after a month or so of this that there was something there. Something neither of us would have guessed could be there. So we started quietly dating.

Jumping to my 24th birthday. Bo left that morning for Colorado. I would see him in a week. Or so I thought. Oh I also had the 2nd surprise party of my life this birthday. I was mad. I have grown to dislike surprises, but that is another blog all together! Oh back to I did the normal Sunday routine; I went to church where everyone was SO nice to me, I went home, hung out with my fam and got ready for my birthday dinner with Jenna and Brenton. (Our best friends) Jenna picked me up and we started and extraordinary scavenger hunt. All the while we talked and laughed and Jenna stressed that this was really my present from Bo. He set up the scavenger hunt as a fun something to do since he was on his way to Colorado and couldn't be there with me. I went along laughing and thankful for friends and Bo who put so much into my silly birthday! The last stop was at the arboretum in Hewitt...I got out of the car expecting to find my gift. And, boy oh boy did I. I found Bo waiting for me. I was stunned. I didn't know what to say. So of course I did what I do best...I cried. HA. I had no idea what was going on. Bo talked and I laughed and I cried and then he sang to me, and then it hit me. He was going to ask me on my birthday to marry him! Remember that sense of humor God has, yea He was laughing big time this day! God's perfect plan was working out. On June 7, 2009, Bo asked me to be his wife. I of course said yes, and were married in 2010! 

25th birthday was spent in Colorado with the youth. It was a blast! I finally got to go and experience the week! I could have moved there.

Looking back over the years I guess I have determined that I have had a VERY full life to this point. Maybe it is true that we never grow up. We may get older, but we learn and grow each day. I am blessed with lots of friends and a family that loves me. My husband is not only the man I love, but my best friend. And, God...God has given me the unconditional overwhelming love I was searching for! He loves me through the bad and the good and will continue to love me until His plan for my life is full filled. He renews my spirit each morning and in times of doubt reminds me of His ever present love! I may not always be the person God would want, but He is always there with open arms to wrap around me and whisper His sweet words of love.

Maybe after all this 26 won't be so bad!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Not just a student worker

Once in awhile someone walks into our life and changes it. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does you feel the impact forever. One person can open your eyes to see things more clear. I have had the privilege of this happening to me many times in my life. The first, was my friend Taryn who passed away a couple years ago. She showed me how God can change your life forever if we allow him to. By her faithful walk she showed me what was missing in my life and what I so desperately wanted. The second, was Beth Moore. No bible study can rock my world like hers do. Every time I amazed by her knowledge and her love of God. I want to be on fire for Him for the world to see! I want to live each day making a difference in the lives of others in Jesus' name.

The most recent person to walk in and shake things up was the most unexpected person. A 5 foot nothing, outrageously spunky, with a smile to melt your bad day student worker walked into my life in January. She literally bounces when she walks. She is so fully of energy. And, that's not all. She is full to the brim with God's love. She pours that love out everywhere she goes to everyone she encounters. What started as an employer/employee relationship has grown into a life long friendship. Everyday she came into work she was happy to be there no matter the task. We laughed a lot, we worked hard and we prayed openly with each other. Ariel didn't just help me in the office, she helped me spiritually. She could sense when I was stressed out and would just pray for me right there. She came to me for advice and truly took to heart what I said.

I am always amazed by the people that come in and out of our lives. It sometimes seems like we meet people at the exact moment we need them. Even if we don't know we need them at that time. Looking back over this semester I realized that this was a pretty stressful time in my new job and I believe that God brought Ariel to me knowing she would help me through the busy times and keep me calm when I started to get frazzled. Everyday she left with a smile. Everyday she walked in happy to be there. I am so thankful for the little treasure that God brought into my life. I wish her the best in nursing school. I know that she will do incredible things!

Hey Ariel, I want you to have a great day!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Walk

The Children's Minister at church presented an idea to the children's ministry team back in January to do an Easter Walk. So often we teach kids about Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday, but we don't focus a lot on Jesus' last week. The Easter Walk takes them on an eye witness account of what happened that last week. From turning taking the donkey, to turning the money tables...all the way through being taken in the garden and meeting before Pilot and ending with the empty tomb. Each scene is told from a witness in each location. From the moment Amy told us about this I loved it. I loved the whole concept. I prayed over each scene and we worked long and hard about each person who would play the characters. I truly believe God led us to each person who performed and it was incredible. Children saw firsthand what it would have been like. It wasn't a story being read to them, they were taken back in time to each place and got to hear the dramatic week before the Cross. Here is a brief look at what our children experienced.

 The donkey is taken

The Temple
The Upper Room
The garden
Pilot's Scribe

The Empty Tomb

 Talking about the Disciples taking the donkey

 The Temple after Jesus has turned over the money tables

After the last supper is served

Hearing about Jesus being taken from the garden and betrayed by a kiss

The Scribe who saw Pilot wash his hands of Jesus' blood
Barabbas talking about being released and Jesus taking his place

The 3 ladies at the empty tomb
"This was my cross. He died in my place!"
The tomb is empty! He has conquered death and RISEN form the grave!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Unfailing Love

It has been too long since I have posted anything! I have had something on my heart for a couple weeks now. I have even made notes all over my "to-do" pad at work with this particular blog idea. As you may know I am on a one year bible plan. I am reading (sometimes) daily a few passages from the Old, New, Psalm and Proverbs. I was reading through Exodus and 9 times in a matter of 5 days I read the phrase "unfailing love" in reference to God. I started writing down each time I aw that phrase and got to be too much. Not only is it in Exodus but it is all over Psalm. In fact I had to look up how many times that phrase occurs...32 times! 32 times you will read about God's unfailing love for us. I think He wants us to know he is serious about that.

I love God's Word so much. No matter the kind of day I am having I can always open up my bible app (yes, I read off my iphone at work..don't judge) and there before me is God's faithful promise to love me always. His unfailing love for me is evident everyday. In my husband, my friends, my family, my work... I see bits of His love in everything I do. My favorite verse that I read is Psalm 32:10, " Many sorrows come to the wicked, but unfailing love surrounds those who trust the LORD." I just love that. It made me stop and think about all the "bad" things in my life..I couldn't find anything. I know that things aren't perfect but when I stop to think of my life and what God has provided I am overwhelmed. His unfailing love pours out on me daily! My hope and trust is in the Lord and he HAS provided!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Women's Retreat 2011

A couple weekends ago I went on the MBC Women’s Retreat. I had a blast. I formed relationships with some women that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I made deeper bonds with my friends and even conquered a lifelong fear of mine…HEIGHTS! Well maybe conquered is a strong word, but I definitely, literally jumped out there. Below are some of my favorite pictures form the weekend with a caption or two on why I love the picture so much!

  I have never been on a girls road tirp before...these two ladies made it a blast!!! We sang and talked and laughed a lot!

 I just adore these two! They have a mother/daughter bond like no other. I was glad I could capture this sweet moment between them.

 Leah turned out to be the master swing pusher :)

 Cabin # 8!!!

I did not know Paige very well but I am so glad God brought her into my life. She is an amazing example of what a God fearing woman looks and acts like. This moment brought it all home for me. In the midst of her message, Paige was struggling with her mind and her thoughts. She had to stop and take a moment to regroup. I thought that if nothing else happened the rest of the weekend, this moment will always stick with me. We have to step back sometimes and face the hard issues head on. We have to allow God to block out our inner-voice and give him control of our mind. So often our own thoughts are what tear us down. I just can't explan the impact this simple act had on my life!  

I signed up to do the zip-line...I did not sign up to do it alone! I made Kacey do it with me otherwise there was no way I was climbing up that ladder and going alone. She has already informed me she will pull that card out and guilt me with it at some point! HAHA

Together we faced our fears. We have a special kind of bond now...we didn't die :)

 The cross made me worthy of God's unfailing love. Thank you for the cross, Lord!

 LaLa and Angela had some fun surprises for me...that I promptly passed on to the rest of my cabin :) Thanks for making my first women's retreat the best!!!

The whole group! 

The Spice Girls showed up to put on a quick show... 

"No more pictures, Courtney"  

I just love her face!!!

Thanks to the MBC Women's Ministry Team for a great retreat!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Revelation of the day

I have been trying to read through the bible since January. I am on a read the bible in one year plan. I read 1 chapter in the Old, 1 in the New, 1 Psalm and 1 Proverb. However, I must admit that I have slacked off lately...a lot. This week I have started a new work out plan to get fit by the time I go on my cruise in August. Some say I may have started too early, but I don't want to kill myself all summer. So I am going slow and starting early. With this new workout plan it made me aware of another plan I was failing bible plan. So this morning I sat back and read 3 days worth to get caught up. I am going to do that until I am on track where I should be. You may be asking where the revelation came wasn't in realizing that I wasn't reading the bible anymore it came from what I read this morning.

I picked up in Exodus chapter 24. I will give you a brief synopsis, Moses goes up the mountain to meet with the Lord and has talked to the people and they all agree to do everything the Lord has commanded.  The next day Moses builds an altar for the Lord. Moses sacrifices bulls as a peace offering. This is the gross part...Moses drains half the blood from the bulls and splatters that on the altar. Moses again goes to the people and reads from the Book of the Covenant and again the people agree to do everything the Lord commanded. Then Moses takes the other half of the blood he drained and splatters it out in the crowd of people telling them the blood is the sign of the covenant with the Lord that they will follow his instructions.

So after I read that and called Jenna to tell her what I read and email Bo to tell him what I read I had a revelation. I am so very thankful that God sent his Son to die on a cross and have HIS blood shed for me and for the sins of the people on earth. How lucky we are that we don't have to sacrifice animals on the altar.  God provided a way for us to be forgiven and live with Him in paradise. He sent his only son to die for us. I know we hear that all the time and it is powerful, but after reading what Moses did as a sign of the promise to God, it made it 10 times more powerful to me. To know that all I have to do is believe, repent accept and chose to follow after Him everyday...that seems like I am getting off so easy compared to Jesus. But, then again he knew from the very beginning of time what the plan would be. It is God's perfect plan and for that I am so thankful for the love that God gives us and the love that Jesus showed by dying on the cross for us.